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PPC Management

Search, Display, Remarketing, Video

Starting at $149/mo

Up to $2,000 monthly investment in Google

No commitment obligation

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What is our experts┬┤ job?
  • Business and competition analysis in order to achieve the highest possible ROI (Return of Investment)

  • Strategic and secondary keywords study and selection

  • Customized campaigns according to: budget, time schedule, geo-location and product lines

  • Create clustered ads by relevant keywords to ensure the highest cost-efficiency

  • Regulate the investment in Google to yield the highest possible profit (CTR, PPC, Conversions)

  • Provide personal attention and monitoring through a monthly report

Customized business study to optimize your investment in each campaign

PPC Services Benefits
  • Speed. Start selling immediately

  • Willing-to-buy traffic browsing your web page

  • You can also be seen and positioned only for specific chosen terms

  • Cost-efficiently face the big competitors of the industry

  • 100% flexibility for immediate and live changes: budgets, keywords and ads

  • Detailed monitoring of investment and results over the total of campaigns

Why choose us?
  • We quantify success.

  • Managing more than $2 million invested by our customers in our services

  • You are different than the rest, therefore PERSONAL ATTENTION is a must for us.

  • We are certified as Google Partner Premier

  • We drive your business to success.

  • No commitment obligations

  • And of course we have the most affordable services!

Capitalizing your campaigns is our most vital goal

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Together we can develop a plan to attract all your leads

We strive for your web page to be your most profitable sales representative, drawing immediate leads. In order to do so, our experts will develop unique Google Ads campaigns to show your web page on the top positions. If you want to learn more, get in contact with us!

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